K3 Council

K3 Council

K3 Council

The K3 “Kizuna” Council is an initiative that seeks to strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance in a global context by exploring ways to expand the bilateral relationship to other allies. The project takes its name from the Japanese word kizuna, meaning a bond, or a deep connection, and the number three, representing trilateral ties.

Formed in 2020 and inspired by leadership in both capitals and milestone events that have further strengthened the U.S.-Japan relationship, the K3 Council engages thought leaders at the highest levels of industry, academia, and policymaking to explore trilateral collaboration in strategic fields. The K3 Council represents an exciting opportunity for bridge-building and leading-edge international cooperation by creating new dialogue and networks.

In its first iteration, the K3 Council has focused on the U.S.-Japan-Israel trilateral relationship, as the combination of U.S., Asia, and Middle East markets holds the potential for explosive growth in the coming years. Three task forces were created within the K3 Council to create a set of recommendations published here that could maximize the potential of a trilateral partnership.*

The mission of the K3 Council going forward is to explore fields in which further investment and collaboration in a trilateral context can support breakthroughs across multiple growth sectors, expand to other cross-regional geometries, and wherein Japan Society can serve as a convener for such dialogues.

Please see the K3 Council recommendations document and K3 Council members below.

K3 Council Recommendations (PDF)

K3 Council Members (PDF)

* The views of the K3 Council and the recommendations are those of its individual members and not those of Japan Society.