Swordsmanship: An Evening with Kenjutsu Master Tadashige Watanabe

September 9, 2002
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Kenjutsu, the classical art of Japanese swordsmanship, is an important part of Japanese martial arts and literally means “sword-art” or “sword-technique.” Kenjutsu Master Tadashige Watanabe is the current head of the Marobashi Society, which practices Shinkage-ryu, one of the most renowned sword-fighting styles in Japan. He discusses the history and development of Shinkage-ryu, which was founded in the 1500s, and explains the philosophy behind it as well as its close association with Zen Buddhism. The program includes a demonstration of important techniques and movements by Mr. Watanabe and his disciples.

Followed by a reception.

  • Monday, September 9, 2002
  • 6:30 pm