Space Battleship Yamato

July 28, 2012
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North American Premiere
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The landmark 1974 animated series Space Battleship Yamato finally gets a live-action treatment from director Takashi Yamazaki! In the year 2199, earth has become a wasteland after five years of radiation attacks from an unseen alien enemy called the Gamilons. One of the survivors is Kodai Susumu (Kimura Takuya), who picks up a mysterious device one day while hunting for scrap metal. After discovering a map to a planet inside the device, the military sends out its last battleship–the Yamato— in the hopes that it’ll be the key to save humanity. Kodai joins the Yamato crew and quickly proves to be a worthy team member. With only a year left before the end of earth, what will the Yamato crew find at the end of their long and perilous journey? One of the highest-grossing Japanese films of all time, Space Battleship Yamato is a sci-fi spectacular for audiences of all ages.

Japan. 2010. 137 min., 35mm, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Takashi Yamazaki. With Takuya Kimura, Meisa Kuroki, Toshiro Yanagiba.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2012

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  • Saturday, July 28, 2012
  • 9:00 pm