Shojin Ryori: Zen Cuisine for Body & Mind

February 27, 2014
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Toshio Tanahashi, founder of Zecoow Culinary Institute, explores the philosophy, history and delights of Shojin Ryori, vegetarian Buddhist cuisine. This unique cuisine first came to Japan with the spread of Buddhism in the 6th century, and aims to achieve a purifying of the body and training of the mind through the dietary habits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Come discover the savory vegetable dishes that make up this delicious style of food, learn how to prepare a variety of dishes through an onstage demonstration, and sample them at the post-event tasting reception.

Tasting Reception Menu:
Sesame Tofu with Wasabi & Vegan Soy Sauce Gelatin (ごまどうふ わさび 寒天しょうゆ)
Grilled Vegetables & Fruit with Sesame Sauce (焼き野菜とフルーツの胡麻和え)
Poached Seasonal Vegetables (季節野菜の煮しめ)
Dessert: Kudzu-Glazed Fruit Bun (フルーツの葛まんじゅう)


$25/$20 Japan Society members, seniors & students*
*ticket price includes a post-event tasting reception

  • Thursday, February 27, 2014
  • 6:30 pm