Shall We Dance?

July 21, 2012
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Focus on Koji Yakusho

Before Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez ever put on their dancing shoes, there was the original Shall We Dance?, the winning Japanese comedy that inspired the American remake. On the surface, Sugiyama Shohei (Koji Yakusho) seems to have it all: a supportive wife, a beautiful child, a nice house and a well-paying job. But for some reason, that certain "something" is missing from Sugiyama’s life. On his evening commute home, Sugiyama notices a beautiful woman staring out the window of a dance studio. One fateful night, he decides to get off the train and seek out this mystery woman, a decision that soon plunges him headlong into the competitive world of ballroom dancing. With its uplifting message and irreverent sense of humor, Masayuki Suo’s Shall We Dance? is a classic feel-good film.

Japan. 1996. 136 min., 35mm, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Masayuki Suo. With Koji Yakusho, Takenaka Naoto, Suho Yoshikazu, Taguchi Hiromasa.

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  • Saturday, July 21, 2012
  • 1:00 pm