Not Held at Japan Society – Pawns of the King, at the Asian American International Film Festival

July 19, 2005
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Tuesday, July 19
6:30 pm

Super 16mm/Color/Running Time: 17 Minutes

In “Pawns of the King,” a World War II Zero fighter pilot (Sab
Shimono), haunted by the past, is forced to confront his
fears when he meets an old enemy, a U.S. Army 442nd
soldier (Michael Yama), and plays a fateful game of chess.

Imperial Japanese Navy Zero fighter pilots are legendary for
their battles in the Pacific. The U.S. Army 442nd Regimental
Combat Team is the most decorated unit in U.S. military
history and composed almost entirely of Japanese

While the Imperial Japanese Navy Zero fighter pilots and
the U.S. Army 442nd RCT have both been the subjects of
films, “Pawns of the King” may be the first film to depict a
meeting of these storied men. This film is also unique in that
it portrays the meeting of two WWII enemies with the same
Japanese ancestry.

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  • Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  • 6:30 pm