Not held at Japan Society – Chaos, the new film from director Hideo Nakata

March 7, 2003
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Kino International, together with Tidepoint Pictures and Viz, is proud to announce the theatrical release of the Japanese suspense hit Chaos. Currently being remade by director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) and actors Robert De Niro and Benicio Del Toro, this neo-noir suspense/thriller opens on March 7, 2003, at the Cinema Village in New York.

Commonly referred as a mix between Memento and Pulp Fiction, Chaos’ intricate narrative begins when the trophy wife (Ring’s Miki Nakatani) of a successful Japanese businessman disappears. When bizarre and apparently disconnected ransom demands follow her kidnapping, the police are called upon to investigate the case and from this point on, Chaos embraces the unpredictable and begins to unfold its complex story. And as we plunge inside the world of these unusual characters, the lines between truth and lie, past and present, and desire and obsession begin to blur. And Chaos’ elaborate puzzle begins.

A blockbuster success in Japan, Chaos is Nakata’s third hit film after the success of The Ring, The Ring 2 and before his most current success, Dark Water.

Running time: 1hr 30 mins. Not yet rated. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street (between 5th Avenue and University Place), NYC

Information: (212) 924-3363

  • March 7, 2003 – March 7, 2003