Nihon NY – Episode 34 – Danny Choo

November 15, 2012 - November 15, 2012
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In this episode of Nihon NY, we’re at New York ComicCon! In between checking out all the cool booths and amazing cosplayers, we had a chance to sit down with blogger, entrepreneur, creator, director and all around Japan aficionado Danny Choo.

For those unfamiliar with Danny and his work, you should definitely go and check out his website where you can find everything from dolls and figures, anime, tech review, travel posts, otaku culture, food, photos and more!

We took the opportunity to discuss with Danny how he began blogging, what has the experience been like as a foreigner promoting Japanese culture, the value of learning Japanese language, otaku culture now and in the future and what lies ahead in the Danny Choo universe. So please enjoy!

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