Nihon New York – Episode 08: The American Otaku

January 4, 2011 - January 4, 2011
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On this episode of Nihon NY we visit John Arzayus, a self professed and well seasoned otaku, and his 450 (and growing) figurines that line his walls, shelves, closets and even off site storerooms. Talking with John we delve deeper into what an otaku truly is, an overview of his 3 otaku websites (, and, a guided tour of his otaku "den" and a personal demonstration of his amazing photography skill (as well as how to make a photo setup on the cheap). Is there really a gender discrepancy in the otaku community? Where are the best otaku spots in New York City? Does breast size matter? These questions and more answered in today’s episode!

  • Jan 04, 2011 at 12:00 am