Modern Dance from Taiwan: The Legend Lin Dance Theatre in Anthem to the Fading Flowers

January 9, 2005
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Sunday, January 9 
7  pm

Anthem to the Fading Flowers pays tribute to the cycle of the year and the complementary principles of yin and yang, whose eternal struggle provides the driving force behind the changing of the seasons. This first-class dance company from Taiwan, led by Artistic Director and choreographer Lee-Chen Lin, is inspired by traditional religious rituals and ceremonial rites celebrating the rhythms of nature.

This event will take place at Japan Society, but Japan Society Box Office is not handling ticketing. Please call the number below to order tickets.

Free Admission Reservations required. Contact Taipei Cultural Center at (212) 697-6188, ext. 105 or [email protected].

  • Sunday, January 9, 2005
  • 7:00 pm