April 28, 2003
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Highly-acclaimed novelist and peace activist Makoto Oda had his literary debut in 1961 with the bestseller Nandemo mite yaro (Let’s Get Out and Look at the World). Among his numerous publications is also Hiroshima, first translated into English as The Bomb and later republished as H. In this program, Mr. Oda discusses his newest book, The Breaking Jewel, with Donald Keene, Shincho Professor of Japanese Literature and University Professor Emeritus at Columbia University, who translated the book into English. Set on an island in the South Pacific during the final days of World War II when the tide has turned against Japan, and it is clear that the war has become one of attrition, the book offers a rare depiction of the Pacific war from the Japanese side and captures the essence of Japan’s doomed imperial aims.

Followed by a reception and booksigning.

Tickets: $10, Japan Society members & seniors $8, students $5.

  • Monday, April 28, 2003
  • 6:30 pm