Language Program Student/Alumni Lecture: Why Do Foreign Sumo Wrestlers Speak Fluent Japanese?

December 7, 2004
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Tuesday, December 7
6:15 – 8 pm

Professor Satoshi Miyazaki
, Waseda University

Opening Remarks by Dr. Frank Ellsworth, President of Japan Society

It’s not too late to learn a foreign language! Professor Miyazaki has studied foreigners who have come to Japan as adults, with no special educational or intellectual accomplishments, and mastered the language. The information he imparts will both help and encourage language students in their efforts; his findings will be of substantial interest to everyone.

Satoshi Miyazaki, PhD, is Professor in the Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics and Director of the Institute of Australian Studies at Waseda University in Tokyo, and a visiting scholar of Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University. He has recently published a book, Why Do Foreign Sumo Wrestlers Speak Fluent Japanese?, and has written an article on the subject for the Asahi Herald Tribune.

The lecture will be in English, with some Japanese. It is open ONLY to current and former students at the Toyota Language Center. Because of room size limitations, registration is limited to 100 persons.

Tickets: $10. We regret that no refunds or exchanges are possible.

Place:  Japan Society, First Floor Conference Room

Information: For further information and registration, please call Reiko Sassa at (212) 715-1256, or Mika Inoue at (212) 715-1273.

  • Tuesday, December 7, 2004
  • 6:15 pm