Kazuko Hohki: My Husband is a Spaceman

November 6, 2002
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From London!

A famous Japanese folktale tells the story of a peasant farmer who rescues a wounded crane, which turns into the beautiful woman he marries.  She spends her nights locked away, forbidding him to see what she is doing. When at last he peeks in, he sees her weaving a suit of feathers and with her secret revealed, the crane flies away, never to return.  
In this 21st-century take on the tale by the engagingly subversive comedienne and philosopher Kazuko Hohki–a story she subtitles “A Japanese Rove Story”–Hohki sets the story in a funky, bi-cultural and intergalactic setting: a Japanese office lady working in Tokyo rescues a duck which turns into an English anthropologist.  They marry and go on to live in England.  What happens next is a zany and hilarious twist on the original folktale.  This is a fairy tale for grownups created by Hohki, a long-time resident of London and also a member of the all-women Japanese cabaret rock band, the Frank Chickens.

Performed in English.

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  • Wednesday, November 6, 2002
  • 8:00 pm