June 1, 2004
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Ushio Shinohara, a founding member of the legendary Neo-Dada Organizers group in Tokyo in the 1960s and long regarded as the enfant terrible of Japan’s art world, has been a resident of New York since 1969. In this program he discusses and demonstrates through an ink painting performance how the work of Sesshu (1420–1506), a Zen Buddhist priest and the foremost Japanese master of ink painting (suiboku), as well as several Edo period (1603-1868) painters and ukiyo-e artists, including Yoshitoshi, have influenced his own work and explores the ways in which he is extending, distorting and reimagining their language.

Followed by a reception.

Tickets: $10; Japan Society members & seniors $8; students $5.


  • Tuesday, June 1, 2004
  • 6:30 pm