Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (Gamera 3: Jashin Irisu Kakusei)

May 27, 2005
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Friday, May 27
6:30 pm

1999, 110 min., 35mm, color. In Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Shusuke Kaneko. Written by Kazunori Ito, Shusuke Kaneko. Cinematography by Junichi Tozawa. Music by Ko Ohtani. With Shinobu Nakayama, Ai Maeda, Ayako Fujitani, Senri Yamasaki, Toru Tezuka. 35 mm print courtesy of ADV Films.

Gamera Three (known to Japanese fans as G3) concludes the history of the turtle monster film series begun in 1965. A counterattack against Gamera, whose character has oscillated between a destructive monster and a guardian of the earth, comes in the form of a powerful flying monster with multiple tentacles named Iris, who hatches from an egg found at an ancient religious site and is nurtured by Ayana.

A brief introduction of the film will be given by Brian Camp, critic of film and popular culture. Mr. Camp writes extensively about Japanese popular culture and anime.  He is a regular contributor to Animerica Magazine and the Program Manager for CUNY-TV/City University Television in New York.

Tickets: $10; Japan Society members, seniors & students $5.  Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture is free for ticket-holders and will be open until 9 pm.

  • Friday, May 27, 2005
  • 6:30 pm