From Meiji to Contemporary Japan

November 7, 2020
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Online Program for K-12 in-service teachers

Saturday, November 7, 10 AM EST  Calculate your local time

Japan Society, in collaboration with Japan America Society of Houston (JASH), is pleased to offer a free online professional development course for teachers.

In this course, teachers will explore Japanese history from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) to the present. Divided over three interactive sessions, this 4-hour online course will provide participants with the resources necessary to create and refine lesson plans for middle school and high school Social Studies, English and Language Arts, Global History and Geography classes.

Online Format and Participation Requirements:
The program consists of three units composed of pre-recorded and live video lectures prepared by experts of Japanese history, arts and culture. Each session will include ample time for Q&A, as well as useful assignments. Reading materials, primary source, and pedagogy discussions will equip teachers to use resources effectively in their classrooms.

Registration Information:
This course is free with registration. Space is limited to only K-12 Teachers. Please register at

Please note: Texas in-service teachers can earn four (4) CPE credit hours upon completion of the course. JASH is a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved CPE provider. In-service teachers will be given priority in this free online course.

Course Schedule:

SESSION 1: From Meiji (1868-1912) to World War II
Recorded Lecture by Dr. Kaoru IOKIBE + LIVE Q&A

  • The Meiji period represented a major reorientation of Japan domestically, in its relations with its East Asian neighbors, and in its role in the world. Through a recorded video lecture and live Q&A session, Dr. IOKIBE will examine Japan’s growing influence on the international stage during the Meiji Period with particular focus on the relationship between the United States and Japan. Participants will gain knowledge about key topics, including the rise of Japanese imperialism, Japan’s connections to other Asian neighbors, and the economic growth and prosperity of Japan within the global economy. Participants will also explore the early Showa period in Japan, with a particular focus on political and foreign policy leading into the Asia Pacific War.

SESSION 2: Post-War Japan: Occupation and Recovery
LIVE Lecture by Dr. Robert FISH + LIVE Q&A

  • Following the end of World War II, allied forces led by the United States occupied Japan bringing drastic changes. Dr. FISH will examine Japan at the end of World War II and Japan’s recovery. The session also prepares participants to teach about the occupation of Japan, its democratization under the guidance of the US, and Japan’s economic miracle between post-World War II and the end of the Cold War. Participants will also explore the industrial, commercial and artistic design movements that impacted Japan and the global economy following Japan’s growth into the world’s second largest economic power.

SESSION 3: Contemporary Japan: Rapid Economic Growth and Decline
LIVE Lecture by Dr. William TSUTSUI + LIVE Q&A

  • Through economic growth and decline, Japan has been able to maintain its status as a soft power superpower. Dr. TSUTSUI will examine Japan’s post-war economic boom and the impact of foreign relations on its economy along with Japan’s growing soft power from 50’s to 80’s, as well as during the Japan’s economic stagnation, the “Lost Decade” (1991-2000), to the present. Participants will explore youth culture through aspects such as anime, fashion, and popular film such as Godzilla and Ultra Man, as a reflection of Japanese society.
This program is made possible by generous funding from an anonymous funder.

Co-sponsored with Japan-America Society of Houston.

  • Saturday, November 7, 2020
  • 10:00 am