From Anime to International Relations: An Insider’s View of Contemporary Japan

March 21, 2010
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5 Sundays – March 14, 21, April 18, 25, May 23

Understanding contemporary Japan as an economic and cultural powerhouse sheds vital light on many important cultural, economic, and political issues of the world today. Japan boasts the second largest economy in the world and strongly influences American youth through its popular culture. With specific consideration placed on the needs of global studies, ELA and elementary teachers covering Japan, this course brings leading experts to Japan Society to talk about life in Japan today. Key topics include education, youth culture and family life, Japanese politics and foreign policy, popular culture, and pressing social issues, and takes an in-depth look at how these issues are interrelated demographically and psychologically.

Non-credit $125; 3P credit $200  (register for 3P credit at

Both credit and non-credit participants must fill out the Japan Society Registration Form (PDF).

For more information, please call Education Programs at (212) 715-1275. 3P credit is available from NYC Dept of Education.

  • Sunday, March 21, 2010
  • 9:00 am