Doll Festival: Hinamatsuri

March 5, 2017
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Additional Family Program:

Nihon Buyo Dance For Kids & Families
Sunday, March 5, 4 PM
Family Program

Sunday, March 5, 10:30—12:30 PM

Enjoy the displays of intricately decorated Hinamatsuri dolls, while celebrating the health and happiness of young girls with songs, activities and festival-related food. Enjoy the breathtaking sounds of the koto as a trio of professionals perform and present a contemporary piece along with traditional sounds, led by internationally-recognized koto artist Masayo Ishigure of Sawai Koto Academy. Children make their very own hina dolls and are able to try their hand at playing the koto alongside the beautifully dressed artists.
Recommended for children ages 3-10 and accompanying adults. Both girls and boys are welcome!

Healthy Japanese light meals, snacks and festival-related refreshments available for purchase by .

Tickets: $15/$8 Japan Society members; children ages 2 or under free. Advance ticket purchase advised.

Family Programs Bundle: Doll Festival & Nihon Buyo Dance for Kids and Families (March 5)
Save $5 when purchasing Doll Festival and Nihon Buyo Dance for Kids and Families tickets together.

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Family Programs are generously supported by The Nissan Foundation, Delta Air Lines, Kumon Centers of Manhattan and the Wendy Obernauer Foundation.

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Student and Family Programs are supported by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Education and Family Programs are made possible by Chris A. Wachenheim and The Norinchukin Foundation, Inc.

Additional support is provided by James and Beatrice Del Favero and James Read Levy.

  • Sunday, March 5, 2017
  • 10:30 am