Diary of a Disappearance (Johatsu tabi nikki)

April 28, 2004
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U.S. premiere.

2003, 85 min., color.  Directed by Isao Yamada. Written by Ichiro Kitariu and Isao Yamada, based on manga by Yoshiharu Tsuge. With Ginpachi Ginza, Kosumosuko, Hitomi Shimizu, Uiko Fujino, Takahiro Tamura. Print courtesy of Wides Publishing.

A young manga artist at a low point in his life goes on a train trip to propose to a fan whom he has never met before. While he waits for her reply, he extends his trip and encounters a series of strange and mysterious people, including luscious striptease dancers and an old man looking for his gravestone. Renowned experimental filmmaker Isao Yamada is a fan of charismatic avant-garde manga artist Yoshiharu Tsuge–a cult figure in manga, film and beyond. In Diary of a Disappearance, Yamada makes his return as a filmmaker after a 10-year hiatus by adapting Tsuge’s manga works in collaboration with celebrated art director Takeo Kimura.

Tickets: $10; Japan Society members, seniors & students $5.

  • Wednesday, April 28, 2004
  • 6:30 pm