Bridging Change in Asia: New York Looks to Korea and Japan

April 26, 2003
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Two-Day Conference
April 25 & 26

Bridging Change in Asia: New York Looks to Korea and Japan is a three-month exploration in Spring 2003 of Japan-Korea relations, past, present and future, co-organized by Japan Society and The Korea Society. A cornerstone of this special programming, this two-day conference brings together leading academics, policymakers, artists, writers and business executives from Korea, Japan and the United States to explore contemporary economic and security issues, as well as cultural, social and historical aspects of the Korea-Japan relationship. Tickets may be purchased for the entire conference or for single days only.

Friday, April 25
8 am – 3:30 pm
On the Brink: Japan, Korea & the Future of Regional Security in Asia

Saturday, April 26
10 am – 5 pm
Korea & Japan: Rediscovering the Past, Shaping the Future

Saturday, April 26
10 am – 5 pm
Korea & Japan: Rediscovering the Past, Shaping the Future

For centuries Koreans and Japanese have considered themselves distant neighbors at best and bitter foes at worst, but the great civilizing undercurrents of religion and culture have not been stifled by political hostility or military suppression. In recent years, the larger cultural and historic context of early Korean and Japanese relations, long marginalized, has come to light. The arc of discovery extends into the past as well as into the future with Korean and Japanese youths increasingly exchanging popular culture. This symposium featuring art and cultural historians, political scientists, journalists, artists and writers, including novelist and peace activist Makoto Oda and Gari Keith Ledyard, King Sejong Professor of Korean Studies Emeritus, Columbia University, explores the exchange between Korea and Japan, from prehistoric common roots to pop culture in the 21st century, and reexamines the historically close but often tense relationship.

Morning Session
10 am

Welcome & Introduction: John Wheeler, Vice President, Japan Society & Frederick F. Carriere, Vice President & Executive Director, The Korea Society

10:10 am

Keynote Address: Crosscurrents: Korea-Japan Relations Past and Present: Gari Keith Ledyard, King Sejong Professor of Korean Studies Emeritus, Columbia University

10:50 am

Korea’s Early Influence on Japanese Art: Donald McCallum, Professor of Art History, University of California at Los Angeles

11:30 am

The Legacy of the Past: Japan, Korea and the Pacific War: Charles Armstrong, Associate Professor of History and Director, Center for Korean Research, Columbia University; Mark Caprio, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Rikkyo University; and  Post-Doctoral Fellow, Korea Institute, Harvard University; Kim Hosup, Professor, Faculty of Public Policy, Chung-Ang University

12:45 pmLunch
Afternoon Session
2 pm

Before and After the World Cup: Japanese Perspectives on Korea: Makoto Oda, award-winning author and peace activist

2:45 pm

Crossing Borders: The Transnational Flow of East Asian Popular Culture: Jung Sun Park, Assistant Professor, Asian Pacific Studies Program, California State University (Dominguez Hills)

3:20 pmKorea and Japan in Film: Greg Pak, Film Director and Writer; Linda Hoaglund, translator and film expert
4 pmScreening of An’nyoung Kimchi (1999) by Tetsuaki Matsue
5 pmAdjourn

April 25 only: $65, Japan Society and The Korea Society members $45, Academics: $35 (continental breakfast and lunch included).

April 26 only: $35, Japan Society and The Korea Society members $30, students: $15.

April 25 & 26: $90, Japan Society and The Korea Society members $70.

Corporate Members are entitled to a designated number of free admissions to this event, based on their company’s current membership level. Please call Karen Hawkins at (212) 715-1218 or Ellie Montazeri at (212) 715-1247 for information on special corporate rates and to reserve your ticket(s).

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Co-organized by The Korea Society. Two-day conference transportation supported by Japan Airlines. Funding for April 26 provided by Korean Cultural Service (NY).

  • Saturday, April 26, 2003
  • 10:00 am