893239 (Yakuza Short Films)

July 13, 2008
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893239 is a collection of yakuza themed films. All episodes are shot by different directors and crews with a budget limit of $1,000 (100.000 ) per film, resulting in comedy, drama, music video and mockumentary. This is a selection of 8 episodes.

Total running time 86 min.

Running Flamenco (Hashiru flamenco)
Sumida episode, 10:25 min., Directed by Koji Masui.

Beyond the Forest of the Man (Yakuza no mori)

Nakano episode, 4:36 min. Directed by Hijiri Taketomi.

Yakuza′s Delivery (Yakuza-no takuhaibin)
Edogawa episode, 9:38 min. Directed by Noriaki Sugihara.

Revenge (Fukushu)
Adachi episode, 12:47 min. Directed by Masayuki Kuramoto.

Swear on the Finger (Yubikiri)

Meguro episode, 11:36 min. Directed by Kazunori Egusa.

Tradition of Sumida (Sumida-ku no jiba sangyo)

Sumida episode, 10:58 min. Directed by Yoshiaki Tago.

Jin, Hiroki, and Me, the Sister (Jin to hiroki to imoto no atashi)

Ota episode, 10:57 min. Directed by Kazutaka.

Too Nervous Finger (Yubi-kitchou)

Kita episode, 8:50 min. Directed by Hisana Kanamori.

Free Admission

Part of JAPAN CUTS – Festival of New Japanese Film.

  • Sunday, July 13, 2008
  • 5:15 pm