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    • Performing Arts 2016–2017

      Performing Arts 2016–2017

      Friday, September 16 — Tuesday, March 28

    • A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints

      A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints

      Friday, March 10 — Sunday, June 11

      A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints is the first exhibition in North America devoted to the portrayal of wakashu, or beautiful youths—a “third gender” occupying a distinct position in the social and sexual hierarchy of Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868). Featuring over 65 woodblock prints, as well as paintings, luxury objects and personal ornaments, A Third Gender illuminates the richness of lived experience in Edo society, where complex rules governed gender constructs.
    • Beyond Godzilla: Alternative Futures & Fantasies in Japanese Cinema

      Beyond Godzilla: Alternative Futures & Fantasies in Japanese Cinema

      Friday, March 24 — Saturday, April 8

      This seven-film series curated by film critic and writer Mark Schilling goes beyond Toho's superstar monster Godzilla to introduce a selection of titles that display the wide-ranging imagination of the Japanese sci-fi/fantasy genre, including innovative B-movies, kaiju eiga ("monster movies") and non-Godzilla classics involving director Ishiro Honda and effects maestro Eiji Tsuburaya.
    • The H-Man

      The H-Man

      Friday, March 24, 7 PM

      Based on a scenario by Toho actor Hideo Unagami, this Ishiro Honda classic blends sci-fi, horror and noir to spooky and thrilling effect. The H-Man of the title is a creature formed of radioactive goo that is driven to liquefy humans--and can only be vanquished by electrifying or incinerating it to vapor. The film's science may be dodgy but the tense climatic chase through underground sewers, with H-Men lurking about, is a Honda career highlight.
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    • Beyond Godzilla

      Beyond Godzilla

      Saturday, March 25, 5 PM

      Beyond Godzilla series curator Mark Schilling traces the evolution of the sci-fi/fantasy genre in Japan that (save for one big, scaly beast) remains largely neglected, considering its prewar origins to the present. The lecture will introduce Schilling’s selections and provide context for their inclusion in relation to the history of sci-fi/fantasy films in Japan, from Toho sci-fi epics helmed by Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya to fantasies by pioneering indie auteur Nobuhiko Obayashi and beyond.
    • Latitude Zero

      Latitude Zero

      Saturday, March 25, 7 PM

      Starring Joseph Cotten, Cesar Romero and Richard Jaeckel—then Hollywood actors well known to Japanese fans—Latitude Zero was Toho's attempt to make an "international" film, though the studio had to downsize the budget when its U.S. production partner bailed. Nonetheless this genre mash-up of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Lost Horizon and The Island of Dr. Moreau has its charms, from its sleek giant submarines to an undersea Shangri-la, ruled by Cotten's urbane, benevolent sub captain, that still looks inviting.
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    • Image-in-Focus: Kristen Sollee

      Image-in-Focus: Kristen Sollee

      Sunday, March 26, 2 PM

      Cap off your weekend at Japan Society Gallery with these energetic, 20-minute conversations with leading curators, writers, artists and specialists of Japanese art. Drop by to hear their unique perspectives on select highlights from Gallery's spring exhibition, A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints.
    • Meet Pepper: The World's First Humanoid Robot That Reads Human Emotions

      Meet Pepper: The World's First Humanoid Robot That Reads Human Emotions

      Tuesday, March 28, 6 PM

      In this program, a representative from Softbank Robotics Corp. shares behind-the-scenes stories, plans for launching Pepper in North America, and the impact of Pepper and artificial intelligence on society. In addition to a demonstration of Pepper’s functionality and features, the program offers participants the opportunity to meet and experience Pepper during the reception.
    • Queer Japan with Graham Kolbeins

      Queer Japan with Graham Kolbeins

      Friday, March 31, 7 PM

      Explore the lives of the quiet radicals from Japan's contemporary LGBTQ+ culture with an exclusive preview of this much anticipated documentary-in-progress by filmmaker Graham Kolbeins. Footage screened this evening has been specially selected by the director to focus on transgender expressions in Japan, bringing the history revealed in the spring exibition A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints up to the present day.
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    • School in the Crosshairs

      School in the Crosshairs

      Friday, March 31, 7 PM

      This early "idol" movie by genre master Nobuhiko Obayashi (House) features Hiroko Yakushimaru, then the heart-throb of millions of Japanese fans, as a spunky teen defending her high school from infiltration and domination by fascistic aliens. The action is more mind-bendingly fantastic than soberly scientific, featuring delightfully bizarre effects designed by Obayashi himself.
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