Get to Know Japan: Nagano

Get to Know Japan: Nagano

Hosts of the 1998 Winter Games, Nagano is a wondrous region filled with lush nature, rich history and enticing cuisine. In these special Get to Know Series programs, learn about the wonderful and unique qualities that make Nagano the perfect destination to experience Japan. Home to architectural treasures like Zenkoji Temple and Matsumoto Castle, Nagano is filled with historical sites to admire. Nagano is serene and enchanting in every season, offering breathtaking views all year round, and is a world-class destination for winter sports. In this series, New Yorkers will have the rare opportunity to experience Nagano right in their backyard!

This series was held in November, 2019.

Get to Know Japan Series: Nagano was part of Japan Society’s year-long, institution-wide Passing the Torch series.

Series Events

Get to Know Japan Series: Nagano is co-organized by Nagano Prefectural Government.