Press Coverage

5-10-23Shin Kamen Rider Gets Premiere via Japan Society NYCCrunchyrollEnglish
5-10-23Hideaki Anno’s ‘Shin Kamen Rider’ To Make Its North American Premiere Ahead of Fathom Events ReleaseBloody DisgustingEnglish
5-8-23北米最大の日本映画祭「第16回JAPAN CUTS~ジャパン・カッツ~」開催決定!U.S. FrontLineJapanese
5-4-23Rites of Passage: The Films of Shinji SomaiBrooklyn RailEnglish
5-1-23Live AgainFilm CommentEnglish
5-1-23Kyohei InukaiAir MailEnglish
4-30-23『セーラー服と機関銃』NYで上映:相米慎二映画祭開催中。ジャパン・ソサエティーでDAILYSUN NEW YORKJapanese
4-30-2326 Best Things To Do in NYC May 2023 with KidsMommy PoppinsEnglish
4-29-23Japan Society NYC: ‘Sailor Suit and Machine Gun’ Film ReviewThe Natural AristocratEnglish
4-28-23ジャパン・ソサエティー映画部が相米慎二監督特集 7作品上映NY経済新聞Japanese
4-26-23Announcing JAPAN CUTS 2023: North America’s Largest Japanese Film Festival Returns in Person this JulyCinema Daily USEnglish
4-26-23The Way of Fire and Water: On the Eclectic Brilliance of Shinji SomaiThe Film StageEnglish
4-20-23ジャパン・ソサエティー「ファミリー・アート・デー」 親子で版画体験を通じてアートを探求NYジャピオンJapanese
4-14-23相米監督の軌跡を辿る 北米初の回顧上映「相米慎二の世界:不朽の青春」よみタイムJapanese
4-13-23The Best Language Classes in New YorkCurbedEnglish
4-12-23One of Japan’s Greatest Directors Gets Restored In Trailer for Rites of Passage: The Films of Shinji SomaiThe Film StageEnglish
4-11-23Trailer Premiere: The Films of Shinji SomaiThe Criterion CollectionEnglish
4-1-23Concert to commemorate ‘Japanese Schindler’ set for New YorkNIKKEI AsiaEnglish
4-1-23note to a friendOpera NewsEnglish
3-30-23The Evolution of NohFjord ReviewEnglish
3-27-23Japan Society Film Announces: Rites of Passage: The Films of Shinji Somai, April 28 – May 13, 2023Cinema DailyEnglish
3-23-23Achieving a New Asia Pivot, in the Middle East | OpinionNewsweekEnglish
3-12-23Japan Society presents Reading of Translated Contemporary PlayManhattan DigestEnglish
2-28-23“Refashioning” at Japan Society: CFGNY and Wataru TominagaArt Asia PacificEnglish
2-24-23An Installation of Clothes, Cardboard, Plywood, and Porcelain Takes Over the Japan SocietyCurbedEnglish
2-24-23Obie Awards Honor ‘English’ as Best New PlayThe New York TimesEnglish
2-21-23CFGNY: ’90s Nostalgia at the Japan SocietyVogueEnglish
2-20-23Yoko Ono at 90The New York TimesEnglish
2-17-23Japan Society To Host Play Reading I’M TRYING TO UNDERSTAND YOU, BUT… On March 13Broadway WorldEnglish
2-15-23ACA Film Project / Yamabuki : Exclusive Interview with Director Juichiro YamasakiCinema Daily USEnglish
2-11-23A Tale of Sorrow and SadnessScreen SlateEnglish
2-11-23A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness (悲愁物語, Seijun Suzuki, 1977)Windows on WorldsEnglish
2-8-23Puppet AkutagawaCounterPunchEnglish
2-6-23Carmen from Kawachi (河内カルメン, Seijun Suzuki, 1966)Windows on WorldsEnglish
2-5-23Film Review: Carmen from Kawachi (1966) by Seijun SuzukiAsian Movie PulseEnglish
2-3-23Kagero-zaScreen SlateEnglish
2-1-23Hiji Nam around downtown ManhattanArt ForumEnglish
1-31-23A Fashion Show that Widens the Lens of Asian IdentityThe New York TimesEnglish
1-31-23CFGNY Stages a “Vaguely Asian” Fashion Show at Japan SocietyInterview MagazineEnglish
1-31-23国際共同制作第2弾 芥川の短編ベースにオペラ _ 毎日新聞毎日新聞Japanese
1-30-23Special Report: Seijun Suzuki CentennialThe Projection Booth PodcastEnglish
1-30-23CFGNY: ’90s Nostalgia at the Japan SocietyVogueEnglish
1-25-23芥川龍之介作品に魅了 日米で異なる捉え方描く 作曲家 デヴィッド・ラングよみタイムJapanese
1-24-23Two fashion labels unraveling Asian identityArt ForumEnglish
1-23-23PROTOTYPE Festival 2023 Review: note to a friendOpera WireEnglish
1-22-23#85 Note to a friend101 OperasEnglish
1-21-23AkutagawaTime OutEnglish
1-21-23芥川龍之介の作品から新作オペラJSで上演 演出の笈田ヨシに聞く週刊NY生活Japanese
1-20-23The Delicacy Of Suicide As Lyric Reflection In Lang’s ‘note to a friend’Classical Voice North AmericaEnglish
1-19-23VIEWPOINT – PROTOTYPE 2023 continues to be a fertile incubator for the development of important new works of music theaterInterludesEnglish
1-18-23David Lang at the Prototype Festival – A Chamber Opera Based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa Short StoriesBerkshire Fine ArtsEnglish
1-18-23“NOTE TO A FRIEND” AT PROTOTYPE 2023 FESTIVALThe Theatre TimesEnglish
1-18-23PROTOTYPE 2023 Probes the Dark Corners of Humanity and Imagines a World Beyond CivilizationI Care If You ListenEnglish
1-13-23「日本は宣伝不足 より戦略的に」 日米交流団体理事長産経新聞Japanese
1-10-23DAVID LANG DISCUSS HIS NEW OPERACultrual AttacheEnglish
1-9-23Anime NYC Founder Peter Tatara Leaves LeftField Media to Join Japan SocietyAnime News NetworkEnglish
1-6-23How to Live a Complex Life / in Pursuit of an Honest Death: David Lang’s “note to a friend”Which SinfoniaEnglish
1-2-23Japan Society’s Yoko Shioya in conversation with David LanghatchersEnglish
12-27-22Q & A: Composer David Lang on Creating ‘note to a friend’ for Japan SocietyOpera WireEnglish
12-23-22謹んで初春のお慶びを申し上げます ジャパン・ソサエティー(JS) 理事長 ジョシュア・W・ウォーカーDAILYSUN NEW YORKJapanese
12-10-22ジャパン・ソサエティーで「時代と共に変化も」人間国宝 友枝昭世週刊NY生活Japanese
12-8-22Japan Society NYC Film Review: ‘Fireworks Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?’The Natural AristocratEnglish
12-5-22NYジャパンソサエティーでリ・ファッショニング展 富永航は初のNY展覧会繊研新聞Japanese
11-25-22「皇帝」と「枕慈童」上演 能:喜多流 ジャパン・ソサエティーでよみタイムJapanese
11-25-22JSでファッション展 既成概念覆す画期的な手法 「Refashioning: CFGNY and Wataru Tominaga」よみタイムJapanese
11-25-22インタビュー:荻上直子 監督 映画 [川っぺりムコリッタ]よみタイムJapanese
11-25-22インタビュー:大九明子 監督 映画 [ウェディング・ハイ]よみタイムJapanese
11-17-22Japan Society to Present World Premiere of ‘Note to a Friend’OperaWireEnglish
11-14-2022Japan Society President and CEO Joshua W. Walker: A US-Born Child of HokkaidōNippon.comEnglish
11-11-2022ジャパン・ソサエティーと国際文化会館 戦略的パートナーシップ締結よみタイムJapanese
11-11-2022女性映画制作者にフォーカス 大九監督、荻上監督が来米 JS映画祭「女性映画人の視点」よみタイムJapanese
11-07-2022 東京都 ニューヨーク出張の概要・成果東京都Japanese
11-05-2022風船爆弾は時代の気流に乗って ジャパン・ソサエティーで現代人形劇週刊NY生活Japanese
11-02-2022日米連携、さらに重要に ジョシュア・ウォーカー ジャパン・ソサエティー理事長毎日新聞Japanese
10-29-2022Japan Society’s Yoko Shioya in conversation with artists Maiko Kikuchi and Spencer LotthatchersEnglish
10-26-2022Japan Society Presents One Night Only Talk with Basil Twist Next MonthBroadway WorldEnglish
10-26-2022Japan Society Presents One Night Only Talk with Basil Twist Next MonthHollywood SoapboxEnglish
10-24-2022The ACA Cinema Project Announces Series Showcasing Women Filmmakers From JapanWomen in HollywoodEnglish
10-22-2022ジャパン・ソサエティーで現代人形劇 和紙の風船爆弾の物語週刊NY生活Japanese
10-20-20229000 Paper BalloonsTime Out New YorkEnglish
10-17-2022現代人形劇「9000のペーパー・バルーンズ」 敵国「日本と米国」の距離をテーマによみタイムJapanese
10-12-2022The Elegant Surrealism of an Animated Cult ClassicHyperallergicEnglish
09-26-2022Ever Heard of Noh Theater? Our Primer to Three Major Productions Arriving in New York City This FallThe SlowdownEnglish
09-01-2022Kazuko MiyamotoArtforumEnglish
08-21-2022Japan Society head: COVID is a chance to rethink ‘who we are’The Asahi ShimbunEnglish
08-08-2023Yukio Mishima’s New Opera HANJO Comes to the Japan Society Next MonthBroadway WorldEnglish
07-21-2022Japan Society Announces 2022-23 Performing Arts Season Featuring Events in Opera, Theater, Dance & MoreBroadway WorldEnglish
05-31-2022ジョシュア・ウォーカー・ジャパン・ソサエティ理事長による林大臣表敬BtoBプラットフォーム 業界チャネルJapanese
05-30-2022Editors’ Picks: 12 Events for Your Art Calendar This Week, From James Joyce Mania at the Morgan to Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge ParkMarketScreenerEnglish
05-27-2022MotoshinkakarannuWindows on WorldsEnglish
05-26-2022First Institutional Solo Exhibition of Kazuko Miyamoto in New YorkJapan ForwardEnglish
05-26-2022Maverick Minimalist, Gallerist, Global CitizenThe New York TimesEnglish
05-25-2022Cinematic Reflections Featuring Films by Oshima and MarkerYorutomo GaidoEnglish
05-25-2022Eiko Otake and Margaret Leng Tan Reflect on Art, Friendship, and LifeVogueEnglish
05-25-2022Indo-Pacific alignment against China still elusive despite Biden tripJapan TodayEnglish
05-25-2022Indo-Pacific alignment against China still elusive despite Biden tripThe Japan TimesEnglish
05-25-2022Indo-Pacific alignment against China still elusive despite Biden tripKyodo News EnglishEnglish
05-25-2022Kazuko Miyamoto’s highly strung New York show leaves us wanting moreFinancial TimesEnglish
05-25-2022Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3 to Present New Play THE NOSEBLEED, Written and Directed by Aya OgawaBroadwayWorld.comEnglish
05-24-2022自然と人為の狭間にあるものをコラージュする 展覧会「金氏徹平 S.F. (Something Falling/Floating) 」Webマガジン「AXIS」Japanese
05-21-2022Untamagiru Screen SlateEnglish
05-20-2022Untamagiru ReviewWindows on WorldsEnglish
05-19-2022Japan Society Launches Monthly Anime Series with Princess Mononoke, The Animatrix and MoreAnime News NetworkEnglish
05-19-2022NYC Weekend Watch: Okinawa in Focus – Terror of Yakuza and UntamagiruThe Film StageEnglish
05-18-2022Films to Watch on the 50th Anniversary of Okinawa’s Return to Japanese RuleHyperallergicEnglish
05-18-2022Joe Biden must recognize the clear and present dangers facing JapanNikkei Asian ReviewEnglish
05-17-2022Manhattan’s Japan Society Explores Artist Kazuko Miyamoto’s Relationship with her Studio ArchitectureMetropolisEnglish
05-15-2022Visions of Okinawa: Terror of YakuzaJB SpinsEnglish
05-13-2022Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic ReflectionsThis Week in New YorkEnglish
05-13-2022Weekend WatchDO NYCEnglish
05-12-2022Tokyo Revisited | le fotografie di Moriyama e Tomatsu al MaxxiZazoomEnglish
05-11-2022Immigrant Artists Tackle Pressing Environmental Issues and Uncertainty in CORRESPONDENCESBroadwayWorld.comEnglish
05-09-2022Brief thoughts on Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic Reflections at the Japan SocietyUnseen FilmsEnglish
05-09-2022Kakegurui Season 3: What is Storyline of Love Is War?Crossover99English
05-05-2022Ainu Mosir (2021) plays the Japan Society May 7Unseen FilmsEnglish
05-05-2022New York’s Movie Theaters, From Art-House to Dine-InDNYUZEnglish
05-03-2022Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a line at Japan Society, April 29 – July 12, 2022Arts SummaryEnglish
05-02-2022OKI: Music of the Ainu at Japan SocietyNewsoundsEnglish
05-01-2022Kazuko Miyamoto exhibition opens at Japan SocietyAsian Movie PulseEnglish
04-30-2022Arts Planner: An under the radar art exhibition, “A Strange Loop” hits Broadway and Ornette Coleman gets reimaginedWNYC-AMEnglish
04-30-2022Featured Exhibition: Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a line at Japan SocietyExpo ArtsEnglish
04-30-2022Japan Society opens Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a lineAsia Week NY BlogEnglish
04-30-2022Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a lineMutual ArtEnglish
04-30-2022Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a line at Japan SocietyYatzerEnglish
04-30-2022Opening This Week: Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a lineArts GazingEnglish
04-30-2022Weekend arts preview: Kazuko Miyamoto, ‘A Strange Loop,’ Ornette Coleman revisitedGothamistEnglish
04-29-2022Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a lineArtrabbitEnglish
04-29-2022Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a lineArtforum ArtguideEnglish
04-27-2022amNY Weekender | 8 things to do in NYC, April 29—May 1amNewYorkEnglish
04-25-2022Exclusive Trailer for Japan Society’s Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic Reflections Featuring Films by Oshima and MarkerFilm StageEnglish
04-25-2022Japan Society’s Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic Reflections May 13—June 3DO NYC: Monday MemoEnglish
04-22-2022Japan Society’s Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic Reflections May 13—June 3Cinema DailyEnglish
04-20-2022Arts Etc – April 2022International Arts ExaminerEnglish
04-14-2022Japan Society’s Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic Reflections May 13—June 3Unseen FilmsEnglish
04-13-2022New Film Series at Japan Society to Hold Screenings from May 13th through June 3rdBroadway WorldEnglish
04-05-2022Japan Society Launches their Monthly Anime Showcase in AprilEastern KicksEnglish
04-04-2022Monthly Anime Classics at Japan SocietyMystery CatalogEnglish
04-01-2022Monthly Anime at Japan Society: In-Person Showcase of Classic, Underseen, and Contemporary AnimeUnseen FilmsEnglish
04-01-2022Monthly Anime at Japan Society: In-Person Showcase of Classic, Underseen, and Contemporary AnimeLesley’s Anime and Manga CornerEnglish
04-01-2022Monthly Anime at Japan Society: In-Person Showcase of Classic, Underseen, and Contemporary AnimeAsian Movie PulseEnglish
04-01-2022Monthly Anime at Japan Society: In-Person Showcase of Classic, Underseen, and Contemporary AnimeAnime News NetworkEnglish
03-31-2022Dozens of exhibitions and a new digital focus at Asia Week New YorkUSA Art NewsEnglish
03-30-2022Meet the Cast of MACBETH; Beginning Previews on Broadway Tonight!Latest Casino NewsEnglish
03-29-2022Your Concise New York Art Guide for April 2022HyperallergicEnglish
03-28-2022Meet the Cast of MACBETH; Beginning Previews on Broadway Tonight!BroadwayWorld.comEnglish
03-26-2022Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 3: Will Miyuki & Kaguya finally confess their feelings?DevdiscourseEnglish
03-25-2022BWW Review: WAVES ACROSS TIME: TRADITIONAL DANCE AND MUSIC OF OKINAWA at Kennedy CenterBroadwayWorld.comEnglish
03-25-2022On this Japanese island, almost all the buildings are made of concreteThe Singapore TimeEnglish
03-25-2022On this Japanese island, nearly every building is made of concreteFast CompanyEnglish
03-24-2022Things to Do: World music and danceWFMZ-TVEnglish
03-23-2022Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3 -Ultra Romantic- To Premiere In US TheatersOtakuKartEnglish
03-22-2022Kaguya-sama: Love Is War – Ultra Romantic- Gets New US Debut Through Aniplex of AmericaThe IlluminerdiEnglish
03-21-2022Aniplex of America Hosts Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic- U.S. Premiere in Los Angeles and New York on April 2ndAnime News NetworkEnglish
03-21-2022Kaguya-sama: Love is War Anime’s 3rd Season Gets Advanced Screening in U.S. on April 2Anime News NetworkEnglish
03-21-2022Kaguya-sama: Love is War Announces Early U.S. Premiere for Season 3ComicBook.comEnglish
03-21-2022Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War’s 3rd Season Gets Advance U.S. ScreeningGame RantEnglish
03-21-2022The Third Season of the Kaguya-sama: Love is War Anime to Get an Advanced Screening in the United States on April 2, 2022Lesley’s Anime and Manga CornerEnglish
03-17-20225 Things to Do This WeekendThe New York TimesEnglish
03-14-2022Adams scraps lobbying disclosurePOLITICOEnglish
03-14-2022Editors’ Picks: 12 Events for Your Art Calendar, From the Return of Asia Week IRL to an Anti-Patriarchy Billboard Blitzartnet NewsEnglish
03-12-2022Waves Across Time: Traditional Dance and Music of OkinawaTime Out MagazineEnglish
03-11-2022Woodblock Prints and Hindu Gods at Asia Week New YorkThe New York TimesEnglish
03-11-2022Woodcuts and Hindu Gods at Asia Week New YorkThe Bharat Express NewsEnglish
03-09-2022A Decade After Disaster, Fukushima Woos Diners to Trust Its FoodBloombergEnglish
03-07-2022March 2022 Dance Calendar – New York Amsterdam NewsHead TopicsEnglish
03-03-2022March 2022 Dance CalendarNew York Amsterdam NewsEnglish