Virtual Tour: The Architecture & History of Japan House

Last September, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Japan Society’s landmarked headquarters. Also known as Japan House, our building—located near the United Nations on 47th Street and First Avenue—opened in 1971 as the first permanent structure in New York City designed by a leading Japanese architect. 

On the occasion of New York City’s Architecture and Design Month, or Archtober [ärk’töbər], we invite you to explore our building through a rarely seen historical and architectural lens. Take a stroll through our virtual 3D tour below and learn about key architectural elements and their backstories by tapping on the icons displayed throughout the tour. 

Plus: Check out the Archtober Guide on the Bloomberg Connects App to explore more notable contemporary and historical sites across New York City’s five boroughs!

Not working? Try viewing the tour here.

Photo: Building plans depicting the 1997 renovation of Japan House (1996).