Meet Pepper: The World’s First Humanoid Robot That Reads Human Emotions

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Pepper, the humanoid robot with artificial intelligence, is the world’s first personal robot equipped with an emotional engine and a cloud-based artificial intelligence system that can analyze expressions and voice tones. Unlike traditional robots, Pepper can detect human emotions and respond accordingly. In Japan, Softbank Mobile stores and banks are using Pepper as a new way to welcome customers. Pepper has also been adopted in Japanese homes as a friendly family member. In this program, a representative from Softbank Robotics Corp. shares behind-the-scenes stories, plans for launching Pepper in North America, and the impact of Pepper and artificial intelligence on society.

Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer, EVP Business Development, Softbank Robotics Corp.

Laurie Segall, Senior Technology Correspondent, CNNMoney; Editor-at-Large, CNN Tech