Let there Be Light—Major Grant Enables Japan Society to Go Green!

© Go Sugimoto

This past summer, the Booth Ferris Foundation awarded a $300,000, two-year grant to Japan Society that will enable us to upgrade the lighting system in our auditorium and public event spaces. The two-phase project replacing our more than 50-year-old infrastructure is part of the Society’s broader ESG strategy—allowing us to become more environmentally conscious and sustainable, while increasing efficiency and decreasing energy use and costs. The upgrades will also contribute to Japan Society’s landmarked home on East 47th Street being granted LEED Certification as a Green building.

The project began last month in our auditorium, and continues with the lobby and general event spaces next year. The auditorium is currently being upgraded with a new touch panel lighting console in the production control center and will extend to include LED lights for the stage and general auditorium. Next year, the lobby and general event spaces will be upgraded to include a Lutron dimming system, capable of supporting various production and event functions and formats, with LED lighting throughout.

These upgrades will allow Japan Society to continue to provide exceptional experiences for visitors while delivering quality programs that address the needs of our community—from lectures, workshops and educational programs for schools, to film screenings, performing arts presentations, special events, and receptions.

We are grateful to the Booth Ferris Foundation for their transformative grant, and individuals like you who visit and support Japan Society.