FX’s Shōgun previews at Japan Society!

Hiroyuki Sanada posing with fans following the screening. © Ayumi Sakamoto

Japan Society had the thrill of hosting a red-carpet preview of FX’s new series, Shōgun, at a five-star event with key cast and producers held exclusively for members and friends, with Nightline covering the launch onsite from our landmarked building.

You’re invited to go behind the scenes of Shōgun with the actors and producers in this special post-screening Q&A featuring Justin Marks (Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Showrunner, Writer), Rachel Kondo (Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Writer), Hiroyuki Sanada (Producer / Star, “Toranaga”), Anna Sawai (Star, “Lady Mariko”) and Eriko Miyagawa (Producer), with Frederick H. Katayama moderating. Rather see this in print? Read the nerdist.com launch event review, which quotes extensively from the Q&A.

Want to recreate the custom craft cocktails we served? Enjoy!

Hojicha and Pu’erh-infused Brooklyn Kura Blue Door Sake, Simple Syrup, All the Bitter Orange Bitters, All the Bitter Angostura Bitters, Lemon Peel

Crimson Sky
Brooklyn Kura Blue Door Sake, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Beet Juice

Secret Heart (Non-Alcoholic)
Wander and Found Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cuvée Blanc, Lemon Juice, Lavender Syrup, All the Bitter Non-Alcoholic Lavender Bitters, White Lily Flowers