Japan Society Artistic Director Yoko Shioya Receives Taiwan Cultural Collaboration Medal

On October 16, 2023, in a ceremony held at Huashnan Creative Park in Taipei, Japan Society Artistic Director Yoko Shioya was awarded the Taiwan Cultural Collaboration Medal from Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture at the recommendation of the Taipei Cultural Center in New York. Fifteen winners from seven categories were selected, including “Cultural Heritage, and General Group,” “Museum, Local Cultural Center, and Community Building Group,” “Craft, and Cultural and Creative Group,” “Film and Television, and Pop Music Group,” “Humanities, and Publishing Group,” “Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Traditional Arts Group, and “Cultural Exchange Group.” Yoko was one of two winners selected in the Cultural Exchange Group, recognizing those who have made long-term contributions to the development of Taiwanese culture through her biannual program at Japan Society, Contemporary Dance Festival: Japan + East Asia. 2023 is only the second time that this important medal has been awarded. Congratulations, Yoko!