Anime NYC and Japan Society announce official partnership

On January 16, 2024, Anime NYC, the East Coast’s largest Japanese popular arts festival, and Japan Society mutually announced a significant partnership, underscoring a dynamic relationship between Japan’s popular and traditional arts, and fostering an ongoing collaboration with the goal of enriching the vibrant communities they both serve.

Since its founding in 2017, Anime NYC has rapidly become a major force in anime, manga, and Japan’s popular arts across the U.S. The event attracts over 60,000 attendees each year, world premieres, major anime and manga brands, and some of the biggest creators in the Japanese popular arts world. Anime NYC’s mission is to bring anime fans together with the content and creators they love—and to help guide them into greater discovery of Japan.

Furthering this mission as never before, Anime NYC has named Japan Society its “official non-profit partner” and will work with Japan Society year-round in celebrating and promoting Japanese culture in the heart of New York City. While both Anime NYC and Japan Society serve different audiences, both provide immersive and authentic experiences—and through this new relationship—both organizations will be able to offer audiences an even greatly variety of programming.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Japan Society to bring an even richer cultural experience to Anime NYC and give our patrons a year-round home at Japan Society,” said Anime NYC Event Director MK Goodwin. “This partnership reflects our shared commitment to fostering a deep appreciation for Japanese culture and building bridges of understanding.”

“Japan Society is honored to partner with Anime NYC, said Peter Tatara, Japan Society’s Director of Film. “Our goals deeply connect with their commitment to celebrating Japanese culture, and we look forward to collaborating all throughout the year.” Prior to joining Japan Society, Tatara founded Anime NYC, and he will act as a conduit between both organizations as they co-promote and co-create new events together.

Joining Japan Society as one of the key supporters of its 2024 film season, Anime NYC will help bring new popular arts audiences and events into the organization, working collaboratively to curate an unparalleled experience across Japanese traditional and popular culture. Anime fans can now anticipate an even wider array of engaging and culturally enriching activities as well as other cultivated events year-round at Japan Society.

In the near-term, Anime NYC will provide all attendees an opportunity to donate to Japan Society as part of the ticket purchase process for the convention’s 2024 event, August 23-25, Anime NYC’s largest festival to date.