Waku Waku Japanese – Lesson 46: I don’t understand

December 4, 2012 - December 4, 2012
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As we’re all learning Japanese, we’re bound to encounter many situations where we just won’t understand a word, a phrase or even complete sentences. Even for those fluent in Japanese, there are numerous situations where there’s a need to ask for someone to slow down and repeat what they just said or to go over what they meant. This lesson, Erin teaches you these valuable phrases to say when you’re in that confused state of not understanding!

Mou sukoshi yukkuri hanashite kudasai – Could you please speak a little more slowly

Mou ichido onegaishimasu – One more time please (please repeat what you just said)

Kurikaeshite itadakemasuka? – Can you please repeat? (what you just said)

E? / Nani? / N? – (casual) Huh? (what did you just say?)

Sore wa douiu imi desu ka? – What does this/that mean? (particular part of the sentence/phrase)

Kantan na nihongo de hanashite kudasai – Please use (speak) in easier Japanese

~ ni tsuite mou ichido setsumei shite kudasai – Please explain about (something) one more time

Douzo, tsuzukete kudasai – please continue

Wakarimasen – I don’t understand

Eigo de onegaishimasu – English please (please explain it in English)

Kiku wa ichido no haji, kikanu wa isshou no haji – Although you might be embarrassed to ask the question that one time, you would be oblivious about the topic forever for the rest of your life, and thus would embarrass yourself forever

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