Waku Waku Japanese – Lesson 42: School

September 29, 2012 - September 29, 2012
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Summer break’s over and now we’re back in school again! So why not learn some Japanese words and phrases related to school? Although it might not be the most interesting lesson for everyone, a lot of Japanese animes and dramas are set in school, so I’m sure you’ve heard many of these words before! And these words will be helpful if you ever get a chance to study abroad in Japan. So…happy studying!! ☺


Shougakkou- Elementary School

Rokunen- 6 years

Chuugakkou- Middle School

Koukou- High school

Daigaku- College

Koukou 3 Nen sei- Senior in highschool

Daigakusei- College student

Shifuku- clothing of your choice

Seifuku- uniform

Kamoku/Kyouka- subjects in school

Suugaku- Math
Suugaku wa muzukashii desu- Math is hard

Kokugo- Literature class
Kokugo de hon wo yomimashita- I read a book in literature class

Kagaku- Science
Kagaku de jikken wo shimashita- I did an experiment in Science class

Taiiku- Physical Education
Taiiku dewa taisougi wo kimasu/You wear gym clothes in Phys Ed class

Koukou de watashi no tokui na kamoku wa bijutsu deshita- The subject I was the best at in highschool was Art.

Tokui- subject you excel at

Soshite, negate na kamoku wa shakai deshita- And the subject I was the worst at was Social Studies.

Nigate- subject you don’t excel at

Houkago- afterschool

Bukatsu- extracurricular activities

Buin- member of a club

Watashi wa kendoubu no buin desu- I am a member of the kendo club

Kitakubu- people who don’t participate in extra curricular activities

So use these words when you’re in school to help you describe your favorite subjects and those you might not enjoy as much!


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Jikai mo otanoshimi ni, mata ne!


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