Waku Waku Japanese – Lesson 39: In the Kitchen

September 8, 2012 - September 8, 2012
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Can anyone guess my favorite place in the house to be?… If you guessed the kitchen, then you are correct! So for today’s lesson we will be going over words that one might hear in the kitchen! For all you chefs and bakers out there, this is the lesson for you! So let’s begin, ikimashou!

Watashi wa shumi ga ryouri desu – My hobby is cooking

Ato okashi dukuri mo – and baking

Daidokoro ni iru toki ga ichiban shiawase desu – I’m the happiest when I’m in the kitchen

Ichiban – number one, best

Shiawase – happy

Oishii – delicious, tasty

Epuron – (Western) apron

Kappogi – (Japanese) apron

Maekake – waist aprons

Kappou – fancy word for kitchen

Gi – article of clothing

Okome – rice

Okome wo taku – to make rice

Dashi – broth

Dashi wo toru – to make broth

Yaku / Aburu – to grill something

Sakana wo yaku – to grill fish

Yuderu – to boil

Tamago wo yuderu – to boil an egg

Niru – to simmer

Nitsumeru – to simmer down

Tsume – implies to do something until the end

Ageru – to deep fry

Tonkatsu wo ageru – to deep fry tonkatsu

Yaku – to bake (sweets)

Mazeru – to stir/blend

Awadateru – to whip

Kazari – decoration

Nama cream wo shiboru – squeeze out whipped cream

Amai – sweet

Daikoubutsu desu – My favorite

So next time your baking for friends or cooking for your family, remember some of these words as you follow the recipe! Put on your Kappogi and make your way to the Kappou to make yourself something Oishii!


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Jikai mo otanoshimi ni, mata ne!


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