Waku Waku Japanese – Lesson 38: Animals

August 27, 2012 - August 27, 2012
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Let’s go to the zoo!! In this lesson of Waku Waku Japanese, Erin takes you to the zoo to teach you the names of all the different animals! From the smallest frogs to the largest elephants, Japanese has a variety of names for all the doubutsu (animals). You’ll even spot two of the most common to Japan, the saru (monkey) and the shika (deer).

Animals – Doubutsu

Zoo – Doubutsuen

Monkey – Saru

Deer – Shika

Japanese snow monkey – Nihonzaru

Temple in Nara – Toudaiji

Tiger – Tora

Leopard – Hyou

Hippopotamus – Kaba

Elephant – Zou

Camel – Rakuda

Sea otter – Rakko

Shell – Kai

River otter – Kawauso

Seal – Azarashi

Sea lion – Ashika / Ottosei

Stellar sea lion – Todo

Bird – Tori

Parrot – Oumu

Peacock – Kujaku

Colorful – Iroazayaka

Elegant – Yuuga

Owl (rounded head) – Fukuro

Owl (pointed ears) – Mimizuku

Vicious – Doumou

Lizard – Tokage

Crocodile – Wani

Snake – Hebi

Reptile – Hachuurui

Frog – Kaeru

Toad – Gamagaeru

Poison – Moudoku

Disgusting – Kimochiwarui

Souvenir – Omiyage

Aquarium – Suizokukan

So on your next day off head out to the zoo and try out these animal names in Japanese!


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