UrumaDelvi Collected Shorts

July 11, 2009
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Q&A with artist UrumaDelvi!

UrumaDelvi, the wildly popular artistic duo, comes to JAPAN CUTS to premiere their witty, adorable and highly inventive animations loaded with super-saturated colors, selected from an oeuvre of over 500 works! First aired on the Japanese public television network NHK, UrumaDelvi’s infamous animated music video The Bottom Biting Bug swept the nation, selling over 250,000 CDs and a million ringtone downloads. The Bottom Biting Bug and Sumiko: Who Do You Think You Are?, the inner monologue of a charming third grader who is too cynical for her age, make their sensational English-language debuts at JAPAN CUTS!

1. Straw Mania (23 sec.)
2. Mr. Huge Head (1:04 min.)
3. The Four Birds (36 sec.)
4. A Night of Centaur (1:35 min.)
5. Rockeppe (1:11 min.)
6. Shikato (5:22 min.)
7. Rice Ball (1:20 min.)
8. Capsule Samurai, English version (3 min.)
9. TETE x METE (3 min.)
10. The Bottom Biting Bug, English version (3:32 min.)
11. Marching Giraffes (2:30 min.)
12. Mr. Socket, English version (2 min.)
13. Mr. Calpaccio (7:27 min.)
14. Sumiko Forever (4:55 min.)
15. Sumiko: Who Do You Think You Are?, English version (4:03 min.)
16. Dodobongo the Rescue Dog, English version (30 sec.)
17. Kasubiru (2 min.)

Total running time: approx. 50 min.

Screening is followed by a special demonstration in animation-making by artist UrumaDelvi!

June 30 opening night screening of Crime or Punishment?!? is preceded by the world premieres of Bottom Biting Bug and Sumiko: Who Do You Think You Are? in English!

Bio: UrumaDelvi (artist)

http://media.japansociety.org/images/UrumaDelvi.jpgBest known for their animated music video, The Bottom Biting Bug, UrumaDelvi is the artistic collaboration of two animators, Uruma and Delvi, who first gained recognition with Shikato which was created for a popular children’s TV program. Since then, UrumaDelvi have worked prolifically as animation artists, musicians and graphic designers, all while developing an innovative computer animation software program, UrumaDelvi Paint. Their self-proclaimed dream is “to make the world vibrant and enjoyable”.

Part of JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film, June 30 – July 12, 2009.

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UrumaDelvi will also make a special appearance at Anime/Manga Creator’s Day at Kinokuniya Bookstore on July 12! 
Click here for the information (PDF)!

  • Saturday, July 11, 2009
  • 6:15 pm