Uki Uki NihonGO + Culture! – Lesson 1 – introduction

May 16, 2014 - May 16, 2014
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In our first lesson we introduce you to the word "sensei" which is used for people in many occupations, including our teachers, Akai-sensei and Kurahara-sensei!

You don’t have to be a teacher to be a sensei. Lawyers, doctors and even manga artists are often called sensei too.

If you’re curious about the name of our new series, the word "uki uki" is used to show excitement, so please use "uki uki shimasu" when you are excited about something!

We would like to hear from you! Please feel free to ask questions and comment on what you’d like to learn. We’ll be creating Q+A lessons in the future!

Thanks for watching! See you next time! Dewa, mata kondo!

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先生(せんせい)ー sensei (teacher, can be used for various occupations)
ウキウキします ー uki uki shimasu (used to show excitement)
よろしくお願いします ー yoroshiku onegaishimasu (nice to meet you; please treat me kindly; look forward to us working with you)
ではまた今度(ではまたこんど) ー dewa mata kondo (see you next time; look forward to next time)

Lesson Script:

A&K: こんにちは!

A: Welcome to our brand-new video series, Uki Uki NihonGO!

K: 新しいUki Uki NihonGOシリーズへようこそ。(Atarashii Uki Uki NihonGo shiriizu e youkoso).

A: 私は赤井です。(Watashi wa Akai desu).

K: 私は倉原です。(Watashi wa Kurahara desu).

A: We are Japanese teachers in New York City. As some of you know, the word "teacher" is せんせい。(sensei) So feel free to call us せんせい. (sensei)

K: In Japan, people of many occupations are called せんせい (sensei), including lawyers, doctors and even manga artists!

A: We address each other as せんせい (sensei), too.

K: Japanese is super fun, isn’t it? 日本語はすごく楽しいですね、赤井先生?(Nihongo wa sugoku tanoshii desu yo ne, Akai-sensei?)

A: そうですね、倉原先生。(Sou desu ne, Kurahara-sensei) When you’re excited about something, you say ウキウキします。(Uki uki shimasu)

K: Just like the title of our show! ウキウキ!(uki uki)

A: 皆さんこれからいっしょに、たのしく日本語のべんきょうをしましょう!(Mina san kore kara issho ni, tanoshiku nihongo no benkyou o shimashou!)
Together, let’s all enjoy studying Japanese.

A&K: よろしくお願いします!(Yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

A&K: では、また今度。(Dewa mata kondo) 

  • May 16, 2014 at 12:00 am