Tools for Working Wood

April 16, 2021
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Friday, April 16, 11 AM EDT
Thursday, May 13, 6 PM EDT
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Japanese carpentry tools have developed over a millennium through a dialogue between carpenters (daiku) and wood since Buddhism was introduced into Japan in the 6th century. Unique to Japanese tools is also the manner of how they are used. Many Japanese carpentry tools are pulled, rather than pushed, in order to cut or shape wood, as is common in woodworking traditions in other countries such as China, Europe, or the United States.

Connect with us in this two-part video series on Instagram and dive deeper into how Japanese tools are used. Japanese planes and other joinery techniques will be demonstrated by a trained carpenter. In partnership with Kezurou-kai USA. No prior experience necessary.

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  • Friday, April 16, 2021
  • 11:00 am