The Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu): Art Cart Discovery

June 11, 2006
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Sunday, June 11
2 – 4 pm

A limited number of tickets are available. 

This Art Cart Discovery experience offers children and families a special opportunity to explore the Way of Tea (chanoyu) in a two-part program. To start, participants will be invited to handle utensils traditionally employed in the tea ceremony ritual such as the chashaku (a bamboo scoop for tea), chawan (tea bowl) and hishaku (bamboo water ladle). Enjoy the fragrance of matcha (powdered green tea) in an informal setting enhanced by an introduction to the history and significance of the tea ceremony in Japan facilitated by Japan Society’s Education staff . In the second hour Ashley Takayama, New York Branch Director of Mushanokoji Senke, Kyoto, conducts a condensed version of the tea ceremony suitable for children and families.

Note: For most gatherings, shoes are removed, so it is recommended that participants wear socks. For comfort, women may want to wear pants while sitting in observance of a tea ceremony.

Tickets: $10 per family unit, up to five people; Japan Society members $7 per family unit.  For tickets, please call the Box Office at (212) 715-1258.

Education Programs are made possible with generous funding from the Freeman Foundation.

  • Sunday, June 11, 2006
  • 2:00 pm