The Future Competitiveness of U.S. & Japanese Capital Markets

October 25, 2004
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Monday, October 25 
12:30 – 4:15 pm

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Co-organized by the Program on International Financial Systems of Harvard Law School.

Robust and efficient capital markets in the U.S. and Japan are critical to the future growth of global, regional and national economies. In recent years, however, conspicuous failures of regulatory enforcement and policy, corporate and exchange governance debacles, excessive and erratic re-regulation, as well as the increasing competition of other market centers in Europe and Asia, have threatened the historic position of New York as the premier international capital market center and the aspiration of Tokyo to become the premier Asian capital market center.

On October 22-24, over 100 financial system leaders from Japan and the U.S. will discuss the implications of these issues at an annual symposium organized by Harvard Law School and The International House of Japan in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Following that event, key participants will come to New York to share the results of the symposium and open the exchange of views to the New York financial community.

Keynote Speakers
Allan O’Bryant
, President, AFLAC International
Hiroshi Watanabe, Vice Minister for International Affairs, Japanese Ministry of Finance

Other speakers will include Wilbur Ross, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, WL Ross & Co.; Masatsugu Nagato, Managing Executive Officer & Head of Americas, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.; Hal S. Scott, Nomura Professor and Director of the Program on International Financial Systems, Harvard Law School; Akihiro Wani, Partner, Mitsui, Yasuda & Wani; Alicia Ogawa, Associate Director of Global Equity Research, Lehman Brothers Inc.

12:30 pm         Registration
1 pm                Opening Keynote Speaker
2 pm                Panel Discussion
3:15 pm           Closing Keynote Speaker
4:15 pm           Cocktail Reception

Admission: Corporate members are entitled to a designated number of free admissions to this event, based on their company’s current membership level. These reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the event. Additional corporate registrants pay the discounted corporate member rate of $45. Nonmember admission: $65.

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  • Monday, October 25, 2004
  • 12:30 pm