The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker

July 6, 2010
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2007, 110 min., 35 mm, color, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura. With Gaku Hamada, Eita, Megumi Seki, Ryuhei Matsuda, Kei Tamura, Nene Otsuka.

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"Both a wild-duck chase for a quacky Holy Grail and a fable about who’s foreign and who isn’t" could be the skinny summary of this odder-than-odd film. Along for the roller-coaster ride is an alive-and-kicking cast: Eita (Su-ki-da), Gaku Hamada (Catch a Wave), Ryuhei Matsuda (Nightmare Detective 1 & 2), Megumi Seki (Honey & Clover) and Kei Tamura (Battle Royale II). Pint-sized, timid Shiina (Gaku Hamada), freshly arrived from Tokyo and tall, cooler-than-thou Sendai native Kawasaki (Eita), two fellow college students, click over a mutual passion for Bob Dylan’s classic Blowin’ In the Wind. Before he realizes it, Shiina is engulfed in his newfound friend’s bizarro world. Pretty-boy Kawasaki is indeed full of beans and odd-duck ideas: for instance, his cockamamie plan to steal a kanji dictionary for their Butanese neighbor. Next thing he knows the shy Tokyo kid is standing watch with a toy gun outside the local bookstore, at the threshold of their "bogus and excellent" existential adventures.

Part of Japan Cuts: Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema

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  • Tuesday, July 6, 2010
  • 6:15 pm