Tanabata: Japan’s Star Festival with Storytelling & Crafts

July 12, 2015
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Come make a wish with us as we explore the Tanabata legend of star-crossed lovers Hikoboshi and Orihime through storytelling and craft-making. After an interactive storytelling session filled with song and dance, create your own origami Hikoboshi and Orihime and make a tanzaku to write your wishes on and decorate the bamboo branches in our lobby.
$12/$5 members; children ages 2 or under free. Space is limited: advance ticket purchase recommended.

Box Office Policy

Healthy Japanese light meals, snacks and festival-related refreshments available for purchase by http://www.localhost:10053/resources/legacy/event/uploaded/images/benton.jpg.

Annual Family Festivities are sponsored by Kumon.    
  • Sunday, July 12, 2015
  • 2:00 pm