SOLD OUT – Tattoo
A.K.A. The Spider Tattoo

March 31, 2010
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1966, 86 min., 35 mm, color, in Japanese with live English subtitles. Directed by Yasuzo Masumura. With Ayako Wakao, Akio Hasegawa, Gaku Yamamoto. Print courtesy of The Japan Foundation with permission from Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

Opening screening followed by the DRESSED TO KILL! after party with drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  Guests are encouraged to dress as their favorite femme fatale, show off their wicked tattoos and fancy kimono, and model the latest haute couture prison wear.

A dark erotic tale from the director of Blind Beast, Tattoo (Irezumi) follows the descent of a woman whose extreme beauty and ferocious nature bring her to the abyss. Otsuya, the daughter of a wealthy pawnbroker, charms her weak-willed lover into eloping with her. As they try to escape, she is abducted and sold to a geisha house by unscrupulous ruffians. Soon, she catches the eye of a tattoo master who uses her body as a living surface for his unholy art: he engraves into her flawless ivory flesh a large and monstrous spider tattoo. As if under the invisible influence of its evil force, Otsuya grows ever more wicked as she excels in the trade she has been forced into, eventually consuming the lives of the unwitting men she holds in her thrall. Did the tattoo artist transform her into the creature she has become, irredeemably spoiling her soul and skin, or in fact unleash the beast within?

Adapted by Kaneto Shindo from the acclaimed 1910 short story by Junichiro Tanizaki.

DRESSED TO KILL! after party DJ:
Miho Hatori was born in Tokyo and has lived in New York since 1994. Formerly with Cibo Matto and Smokey, she has collaborated with a wide variety of bands including Gorillaz and the Beastie Boys. Miho has also produced music for film soundtracks, "multimediaPTIMISM" and NEW STILL LIFE.  Her eclectic tastes in music fuses with her Japanese heritage, producing a genre-defying sound blending electro, hip-hop, funk, bossa nova and rock with a postmodern attitude. Miho describes this experience as "New Optimism".

Part of the Globus Film Series:
Mad, Bad…. & Dangerous to Know: Three Untamed Beauties

$15/$10 members, students & seniors

This screening is SOLD OUT.

The DRESSED TO KILL party is sponsored by The Globus Family.

In-kind support is courtesy of Pacific International Liquor, Inc.

  • Wednesday, March 31, 2010
  • 7:30 pm