SOLD OUT – MEMBERS ONLY Sake Brewing Now and Then-Comparing Traditional and Modern Techniques

September 26, 2005
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Monday, September 26
6:30 pm

This program is sold out.

Just like many other traditions, sake has drastically changed its brewing technology to keep up with modern advancements.  Technology now allows sake brewers to use machines for almost the entire process including rice milling and koji making (rice cultivated with koji mold, technically known as aspergillus oryzae).  These methods evolved to either make better-quality sake or to brew it more economically.  Sometimes advances in the economic forum also lead to improved sake quality.  Sake expert John Gauntner lectures on key factors of how modern technology has helped to improve the taste of sake, as well as discusses what we have lost since straying from traditional ways.  Following the lecture, participants may taste and compare sake from premium brewers.

Co-sponsored by the Sake Export Association. Attendance is limited. Advanced reservation required.

Tickets: $30 Japan Society members only.

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  • Monday, September 26, 2005
  • 6:30 pm