SOLD OUT Globus Film Series – Dawn of Japanese Animation Part 3: Propaganda

February 15, 2008
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Eleven animations; 1 live-action film. Program approx. 75 min.

† With live benshi narration!
*These silent films are presented with music recently added to the films.

"Japan Undefeated!" "Populate Japan!" "Run, Japan, Run!"  From the 1930s through the ’40s, these animations emphasized war propaganda, national policy and Japan’s rigorous campaign to host the 1940 Olympics in films such as Animal Village in Trouble, Mabo’s Big Race and Momotaro’s adventure series. More animations are followed by the live-action propaganda film set in Manchuria (a part of China ruled by Japan from 1931-45), Mother of the Nation.

  • The National Anthem Kimigayo* (1931)
    3 min 5 sec. By Noburo Ofuji.
  • Momotaro’s Sky Adventure†* (1931)
    10 min 27 sec. By Yasuji Murata.
  • Momotaro’s Underwater Adventure* (1932)
    1 min 49 sec. By Yasuji Murata.
  • Corporal Norakuro†* (1934)
    10 min 34 sec. By Yasuji Murata.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Norakuro Sunday Magic†* (Year n/a)
    1 min 42 sec. Creator unknown.
  • Sankichi the Monkey: The Storm Troopers* (1934)
    2 min 36 sec. By Mitsuyo Seo.
  • The Monkey Fleet* (1936)
    1 min 8 sec. By Manzo Miyashita.
  • Mabo’s Big Race* (1936)
    1 min 34 sec. Creator unknown.
  • Sankichi the Monkey: The Air Combat* (1942)
    3 min 8 sec. By Yoshitaro Kataoka.
  • Dankichi on a Tropical Island* (Year n/a)
    1 min 8 sec. Creator unknown.
  • The Animal Village in Trouble (Year n/a)
    8 min 41 sec. By Sanae Yamamoto.

Live-action propaganda add-on!
Mother of the Nation
†* (1936)
21 min., silent w/ live narration. Directed by Shiro Nakagawa.
Respected school teacher Shimako and her husband are sent to Manchuria as guards to the railway. Discovering that anti-Japan guerillas plan to attack their train station, Shimako and several men are determined to fight back.

Tickets: $10/$7 Japan Society members & seniors/$4.50 students. The Special Student Discount is made possible by The Globus Family.

This event is part of Globus Film Series – Dawn of Japanese Animation.

All film dialogue and narration is in Japanese with English subtitles except for Orochi. All films are 16mm or digital video in black & white, unless otherwise noted. Some scenes in these films may be of low image and sound quality due to the age of the prints. Programs are subject to change.

  • Friday, February 15, 2008
  • 7:00 pm