Shamisen Festival! Agatsuma: Contemporary Shamisen Fusion

February 8, 2006
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Wednesday & Thursday, February 8 & 9
7:30 pm

Don’t miss Hiromitsu Agatsuma, the “messiah” of Japanese traditional instruments! A virtuoso on tsugaru-shamisen (a three-stringed lute played in the fast aggressive style which originated in northern Japan), Agatsuma performs with a lively ensemble of
traditional Japanese taiko drum, cello and piano, in a vibrant acoustic set—a testament to his constant exploration of the range of his instrument. Agatsuma’s trademark bridging of rock and traditional music creates an appealing pop sensibility from this new instrumental fusion without losing the essential Japanese folk spirit. Now a pop star in Japan, Agatsuma performed at Lincoln Center in 2004, following his sold-out U.S. debut at the Japan Society in 2003. The concerts will feature a world premiere piece by an American composer and guitarist Scott Johnson, written especially for the band.

Tickets: $35/$30 Japan Society members.

  • February 8, 2006 – February 9, 2006