Not Held at Japan Society – Winter Tea Tasting at Kai Restaurant

February 29, 2004
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On Sunday, February 29, Ito En New York presents a culinary event that takes its cue from the world of wine. Ito En Tea Specialist Kai Andersen will lead a tasting of five different teas, describing their own history, cultivation, and preparation. Furthermore, each tea will be paired with a specially prepared dish from Kai restaurant that best complements the tea’s character. This tasting promises to reveal tea in a light still rarely seen—a highly sophisticated infusion with a broad range of flavors, not a quick health fix or dowdy drink.

$60, includes tea and food pairing along with special gift.

Reservations can be made by calling (212) 988-7277.

Time: 4 pm

Location: Kai Restaurant, 822 Madison Avenue, Cellar Level


Chinese Nappa and Yuba “Oshitashi”
Dragon Pearl, Green, Fujian Province, China

Tempura of Sakura Ebi w/ Sencha Leaves
High Mountain Oolong, Oolong, Nantou Region, Taiwan

Housemade Tofu
Organic Sencha, Green, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Gingered Persimmon Mousse
Hoji-chai, Ito En New York blend, Winter 2004

Red Star
Ito En New York blend, Winter 2004
Prepared with steamed organic milk and rock sugar

Menu subject to change due to seasonal availability.


  • Sunday, February 29, 2004
  • 4:00 pm