Not Held at Japan Society – Linguist and Poet Enta Kusakabe at the Japanese-American Association

December 2, 2006
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Saturday, December 2
2 – 5 pm
Linguist and Poet Enta Kusakabe, who is the creator of Gogyoka, or 5-line poetry, will be discussing his invention and development of the art form.

Mr. Kusakabe is making this appearance as part of a lecture series intended to promote Gogyoka in the West.  A native of Japan and a graduate of Tokyo University, where he served on the Faculty of Western Literature, Kusakabe is the author of numerous collections of verse, including the best-seller Hontou ni Ai Shiteitara (If I/You Really Loved You/Me), as well as critical works about poetry.

Having established the Gogyoka Society in 1994, along with the monthly Gogyoka periodical, Gogyoka is based on the more traditional form of Tanka poetry, also written in five lines, but with a more liberated structure, responsible for a freer form of verse.  Kusakabe first came up with the idea in 1957.  There is a long tradition of people writing short poetry in Japanese society, and Kusabe feels that removing some of the constraints of more traditional forms would enourage the writing of more poetry among laymen.

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  • Saturday, December 2, 2006
  • 2:00 pm