Not Held at Japan Society – In Serenity, We Face, 5hrs × 2days, alternative theater from Tokyo

May 30, 2004
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Smack Mellon Gallery, in DUMBO, Brooklyn, is pleased to host the event: In Serenity, We Face. In spite of international economic and political hardships facing the art world in recent years, experimental theater/performance remains a consistent project in Japan.  In Serenity We Face introduces five such collaborative groups who have continued to create, operate, and perform for several years in and around Tokyo.  The works in their New York debut range from the quietly comic to the abstractly violent, exploring themes of identity, borders, transgression, and suppression.  From movement theater to improvisational music, they all in some way pose desperate questions pertinent to the time in which we live.

Saturday, May 29
4 – 9 pm 
   3. IRUMAGAWA Masami solo
   4. morning landscape
   5. Len

Sunday, May 30
3 – 8 pm
   1. Lens
   2. morning landscape
   4. IRUMAGAWA Masami solo
Produced by: Lens
Coordinator:  Ichiro Kishimoto
Production Manager:  H.R. Britton
Special Thanks: Mika Tuboi, Megumi Kikuraku, David Colosi

For more information:
Gallery: (718) 834-8761 Office: (718) 422-0989

Suggested donation: $10

  • Sunday, May 30, 2004
  • 3:00 pm