Not Held at Japan Society – Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan

January 22, 2006
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Sunday, January 22
7 – 10 pm 
Pre-performance lecture at 7 pm

Three exciting new interpreters of Japanese traditional music or Hogaku have taken the contemporary music scene by storm. Each group is extending the vocabulary of these traditional forms to reach new generations of music fans. The master tsugaru shamisen (lute) player Shinichi Kinoshita, renowned as a musical genius, plays shamisen in ensemble with shinobue (flute) and taiko (drums). The duo Aki & Kuniko breathe new life into the acoustic guitar and koto (zither) while accompanied by Sachio Suginuma on shakuhachi (flute). Looking more like hip hop stars than acoustic musicians, the fresh young trio Han’nya Teikoku rethink the shakuhachi (flute).

Cost:  $20 members/seniors/students w/ID; $25 nonmembers 
Phone:  212-517-ASIA 

Co-presented with the Japan Foundation.

  • Sunday, January 22, 2006
  • 7:00 pm