Not Held at Japan Society – Enduring Inspiration: Japanese Ceramics from Jomon to Meiji

February 3, 2004
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With its first exhibition of 2004, “Enduring Inspiration: Japanese Ceramics from Jomon to Meiji”, Dai Ichi Gallery announces an expansion of focus to include antique Japanese ceramics.  The exhibition, which will be on view from February 3-28, 2004, is the culmination of fifteen years of study by gallery director Beatrice L. Chang.  Included are a rare Jomon vessel dating from 10,500 – 400 BCE, a Yayoi jar (300 BCE – 200), a bulbous Momoyama sake bottle (1573-1615), elegant tall Tamba sake bottles and a Meiji period (1868-1912) tea caddy with ivory lid, among other objects.

  • February 3, 2004 – February 28, 2004